About Darien Counseling and Coaching

Kelly Meany, LCSW, LADC
Owner, Primary Therapist
Life Coach
CSAT Candidate



  • Years in Practice: 10 Years
  • License: Connecticut / 11495
  • School: University of Iowa
  • Year Graduated: 2012
  • LADC Licence: #1330
My name is Kelly Meany.  I am a  licensed clinical social worker, licensed drug and alcohol counselor, and life coach located in Darien Connecticut.

It has been a life long passion of mine to help people who are struggling or who are unhappy with themselves and wish to seek change. From a young age, I have been intuitive and empathetic.  As I pursued my education, it became more clear to me that the way to use my strengths and gifts was to help others in a clinical setting. We all have a story to tell and sometimes sharing that story is the beginning of the healing process.

Everyone has the potential to shine, but sometimes the light is buried under past trauma, self doubt, lack of confidence, or simply lacking the opportunity to look inward to find that true potential.

Over the last 10 years, I have been helping those who struggle with addiction and past traumas. Finding one’s inner strength is a process, with many layers and obstacles from their past, present and fear of the future. This is why I continue learning new skills to help others break through those layers, learn coping techniques, and set achievable goals to create lasting personal success.

I have seen and helped people change directions from an undesired life path to one of true healing and personal success.  My goal is to help each person be the best version of themselves that has always been inside, but was unable to flourish.

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Devin Roscillo
Speech-Language Pathologist
Mindset & Mindfulness Coach
Reiki Practicioner

Devin Roscillo, M.A. SLP is a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) practicing in and around Darien, CT. Devin specializes in assessing, diagnosing, and treating speech, language, cognitive-communication, voice, and swallowing disorders in individuals across the lifespan. These conditions may be due to developmental delay, brain injury, hearing loss, autism, stroke or other diseases and injuries. Devin is licensed in the state of CT and sees patients both in office in Darien and provides concierge home services if requested and within the region.  Additionally, Devin blends mindfulness into her speech therapy sessions to integrate a sense of peace into the session while addressing speech therapy goals.

Areas that Devin provides speech-language pathology services for are:

  • motor speech disorders (such as apraxia and dysarthria)
  • language disorders (such as aphasia)
  • fluency disorders (such as stuttering)
  • social communication disorders
  • cognitive-communication disorders
  • voice disorders
  • swallowing disorders
  • feeding disorders

Devin Roscillo is also a Mindset & Mindfulness Coach and Reiki Practitioner who coaches her clients using her 3-H approach to growth, restoring and promoting Healing, Happiness, and Hope. She uses a combination approach of both coaching and reiki energy healing with her clients. Her sessions can be virtual or in person in Darien, CT. Her virtual clients are all over the world, so if you are outside of Connecticut, out of town for an extended period, or simply don’t enjoy commuting, virtual coaching and reiki is always available to you. Reiki is an energy healing modality that Devin uses frequently to focus on releasing self-sabotaging behaviors or trapped emotions that may manifest as physical pain in the body. She also uses reiki to alleviate chronic pain caused by disorders or damage to the physical body, such as chronic scoliosis, neurological disorders, and sports injuries, amongst others.

Devin is always open to sharing about her challenges as a neurodivergent person, and she began her career in coaching and energy work due to obstacles she faced throughout her life. Devin’s life goal is to inspire Healing, Happiness, and Hope. She aims to spread the message to neurodivergent individuals that they are resilient, so that they know that no matter the obstacle and adversity in front of them, they can be whoever and whatever they dream of. Because of her experiences with mental health adversity, Devin is extremely relatable and accepts her clients with warmth and empathy. She creates a safe space and inclusiveness, practicing non judgment and compassion.

As a part of our team, Devin facilitates transformational group workshops that can be a great way to tap into deeper healing in the presence of the community. Some recurring workshops she hosts are manifestation circles, emotional release circles, limiting belief release workshops, amongst others.